About Us

Fore Craft Cocktails was founded in Richmond, Virginia, in early 2021 to provide golf inspired canned cocktails for golf courses and clubs throughout the United States. The first offering is the classic golf cocktail, the Transfusion. To us, a buddy trip, member-guest tournament, or emergency nine hole experience just wasn’t quite as memorable without the delicious concoction consisting of ginger ale, grape juice, vodka and a squeeze of lime. Yet fumbling with plastic cups as we walked away from the snack shop, or worse yet trying to mix the cocktail ourselves with the beverage cart supplies just didn’t match the quality of the golf experience. Thus, we set out on a journey to create an authentic ready-to-drink Transfusion with the result being a simpler, and better, companion to the adventure of golf.

The canned Transfusion is now a reality, ready to help you keep up the pace of play and avoid lingering at the turn. Made with no artificial colors or sweeteners, you can now grab a can or two for the back nine or after the round without the hassle or inconsistent flavor.